Best Foods and Beverages of Ireland

Ireland comprises of 32 counties, 60m towns and cities, and a vast number of villages. The infinite count of Irish cuisines and beverages obviously make every food lover hungrier and thirstier every day in Ireland. Full Irish is the name of the complete breakfast you get in every part of Ireland. The other main dishes are bacon, pudding, champ, and cottage made foods. The Irish people seem to love more of baked and fried foods than the cooked and boiled types. Anyway, you get to enjoy them when you visit any city or town here.

Irish Beverages – Best Starters

Irish Cider

Irish Cider is the most famous and delicious drink in Ireland.  The Magners are the original makers. The other major types are orchard and Bulmers. Of course, there are many other locally brewed versions in the villages and towns of Ireland.

You will love the cider for its ingredients which include apple as the main ingredient. Then you can find syrups, fermented sulfites, preservatives, and other flavors as preferred by the locals.


The most innovative combination of barley and brewers’ yeast results in the making of Irish Guinness. Almost all the versions are dark with a white topping when it is poured into your glass. The roasting of barley before brewing gives the dark color to the drink. It is a bit heavier compared to the Cider, but it is worth when you are in extremely good mood.

The other beverages are beer, whiskey, coffee, and Cranberry. You may choose any of them as the starter when you go to the bars and restaurants in Ireland.

Irish Cuisines – Fresh from Fire

Brown bread and Irish stew are the best combinations you can find for your breakfast. With the relishing ingredients like lamb neck, veggies, chicken stocks, and green leaves, the breakfast is truly filling and satisfying experience.

Full Irish is the complete breakfast. It consists of bacon, mushrooms, toast, pudding, bread, sausage, and a vast range of veggies for the garnishing. Tea or fruit juices are the added flavors you can experience during the breakfast.

Pan-BOXTY is the most delicious startup food for lunch and supper. The primary ingredient is a potato. The other ingredients are flour, buttermilk, and baking powder apart from sea-salt.

For lunch and supper, you can choose the Irish-Coddle, sausage, beef hash, sliders, and a lot more. The Irish Nachos is something you can try with the Cider as a startup. Bacon, chives, butter, and cheese are the key ingredients apart from flour.

Best Irish Restaurants and Bars

Old Store-House

If you wish to experience the interior décor of Victorian times with the best hospitality, the Old Store-House (3 Crown Alley, Temple Bar, Dublin, D02 CX67) is the first place to go. It is open until after midnight and serves the most in-demand beverages and cuisines of Ireland.

Bakers Irish Pub

It is located on 48 Thomas St, The Liberties, Dublin 8. Fish and chips are the best foods you can taste here, apart from an ocean of Irish beverages and cuisines.